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There are many private schools in New England, and they are expensive. Upper class kids go to boarding schools to assure that they will get top scores on the college entrance exams, namely the SAT. There are other reasons for kids to be sent to these schools. Some parents who were raised in families with “old” money are distant from their children, and those children learn to be distance from their children. For them, boarding schools are a way of getting the children out of the house for the week or even for a month at a time. Then there are the upper middle class kids who are sent in hopes that they will become upwardly mobile by mixing with the upper class kids and later attend the best universities with them. Noah was an upper middle class kid whose parents were not rich, but they had enough money to send him to a private boarding school.

Noah attended public school until the eighth grade and then was told that he would be attending a fairly prestigious boarding school about 100 miles away. His parents thought that the more time he spent there, the more that the qualities of the experience would improve his station in life.

The school was fashioned after the English boarding schools. In addition to the academic components, the younger students were forced to wait on the needs of the older students in order to develop discipline and respect for authority. On the first day, Noah’s parents helped him move his stuff in the dorm room and said good bye.

After orientation the first day, Noah was assigned a room with another kid the same age named Sean. It was Sean’s second year at the school, so he helped Noah and told him what to expect and how to behave. Sean told him that they had to make sure that their room was tidy, shoes polished, beds made, clothes hung in the closet, and floors swept.

Sean said that after dinner they would each be assigned to an older student who would act as a mentor, but it was really just to clean their rooms and run errands for them. He said that the additional responsibilities would take up to an hour in the evenings after dinner, but before evening studies. As predicted, after dinner, Sean and Noah were assigned to their mentors. The mentors were roommates and were seniors.

Sean and Noah went to their mentors’ dorm room to introduce themselves although Sean said that he already knew them. Sean knocked on the door and waited for someone to open it, but no one did. Noah knocked again before Sean quickly pulled his arm down.

Sean was alarmed and cautioned, “Don’t ever knock twice!”

Noah asked, “Why?” as the door opened.

“Come in,” said a voice, “and stand over there.” There were two older guys looking at them as they moved to one side of the room where the one of them pointed. They were a lot taller than the middle school kids Noah was used to at his last school.

“Please sir. He didn’t know,” protested Sean.

Noah asked, “Know what?”

Sean said, “Hush!”

“You didn’t train him well did you, Sean?” said the blonde kid.

“Sir, I guess I didn’t,” Then Sean turned to Noah and said, “You only knock once.”

“Bend over Sean.” said the blonde kid. Sean bent over.

“You know that won’t do,” he said to Sean.
Sean dropped his pants. Then pulled down his underwear to his ankles and bent over with his chin nearly to his knees. The other roommate who had long, straight brown hair took a belt and smacked him on his bare bottom.

“Thank you sir,” said Sean.

“Thank your sir, what?” said the blonde guy.

“Thank you sir. I needed that.”

He told Sean, “You may stand up now.” Sean stood up with his underwear and pants still at his ankles. Noah saw Sean’s hairless dick, but tried not to stare.

“I am Reese,” said the blonde. “And he is Sanford,” pointing to the brown haired kid.

“If you break our rules, you pay the price.”
Noah offered, “But sir, I was the one who knocked the second time.”

“Hush,” cautioned Sean.
This time Sanford smacked Sean on his bare butt. Reese told Sean,

“You need to tell your roommate not to question our judgments or our punishments from now on.”

“I will be more careful in the future, sir,” he said.

Noah was alarmed that Sean was getting his bare butt slapped with a belt because of his mistakes.

“Shall we complete your chores now?” asked Sean pulling up his pants.

“Did I say you could pull up your pants?” asked Reese.

“No sir. Pardon me,” Sean said apologetically.

“Bend over again,” and Sean bent over again and received another whack with the belt.

In a monotone like a robot, Sean said, “Thank you sir. I needed that. Shall we complete your chores now?”

“Yes, Sanford and I plan to be gone for an hour,” said Reese. “You can pull your pants up now.”

“Oh, and Sean, we expect the special treatment when we return,” said Sanford.

“Yes sir. We offer our services gladly.”

Reese and Sanford left the room.

Sean told Noah, “Hurry. Pick up any clothes on the floor. Straighten papers and books on their desk. Sweep the floor, and use this to dust any flat surfaces.” He handed Noah a feather duster. Sean washed two windows while Noah hustled to do the other things. It didn’t take long.

Noah asked, “What else am I suppose to do?”

“Just get all this place straightened up, and then I will show you what we have to do next.”

After a few minutes, Sean said, “I might as well tell you now.”

“Tell me what?” Noah inquired.

“About special treatment, we will have to suck them each night after we clean their rooms.” he said.

“Suck what?” Noah asked incredulously.

“Suck their dicks, you idiot.” he said.

Noah was confused. “What?”

Sean asked, “Have you ever had your dick sucked?”

“No. Why would I?” said Noah.

“Take you pants down, and let me show you.” Noah hesitated, and Sean pulled his pants and underwear down with one stroke. Sean put his mouth on his dick for about 30 seconds. “There. You have to do that to them. How did it feel?”

Noah had never masturbated let alone had his dick sucked, so he knew nothing about orgasm, and simply said, “It felt good.”

“Well, I don’t have time to suck you off, but you better get ready to suck them.”

“Suck me off what?” asked Noah in a puzzled tone.

“Just shut up and follow what I do.”

Suddenly, they heard the door being unlocked, and it opened abruptly. Reese and Sanford had returned after only 15 minutes. Noah and Sean were startled because Noah still had his pants down. Sean was still kneeling in front of Noah.

“This room is not cleaned up, but you stopped to suck his dick?” yelled Sanford.

Reese yelled, “What have you guys been doing?”

“Sir, you said we had an hour,” Sean reminded them.

“We said we planned to return in an hour which we did not, but I didn’t say you had an hour to clean the room,” said Reese.

“And you certainly don’t have time to suck his dick,” said Sanford.

“Sir, Noah has never had his dick sucked, and I was showing him,” explained Sean. Sean stood up, and Noah, who was mortally embarrassed, pulled up his pants.

Sanford said, “Sean, drop your pants and bend over.” Sean pulled his pants and underwear down and bent over. Sanford slapped him on this bare butt twice with his hand. Reese said to Noah, “Are you watching this, new kid?”

“Yes, I am.” he said. Noah was horrified that Sean was once again getting a spanking for trying to help him out.

“Oh, so you like to watch your roommate get a spanking?” Sanford said.

“No sir, not that!” Noah said in defense.

Sanford spanked Sean again. “You like that Noah?”

“No sir,” he said.

“Oh, you don’t like it? I guess you think I should spank him harder to please you?” he said.

Noah offered, “You may strap me, sir,”

“No need,” there will be time for that in the coming months.”

Noah was bewildered. He saw that anything he said was wrong. He didn’t want Sean to be spanked anymore.

“Well, we are ready for our special treatment,” said Reese. “Since Sean is so anxious to suck a dick, and Noah doesn’t know how, Sean will do both treatments tonight.”

“So, Sean, how are we going to handle this?” asked Reese.

“Sir, I will be glad to cover for Noah.”

“Good response, Sean. Are you learning, Noah?” he asked.

Noah said, “Yes sir.”

“Noah, stand at attention and watch tonight,” said Reese.

“Yes sir,” he said somewhat relieved.

“But drop you pants, Noah.” Noah thought to himself, “Here it comes. I’m going to get strapped now.” Noah dropped his pants and underwear to his ankles exposing his hairless dick.

“Did I say to pull your underwear down too?” asked Reese.

“No sir,” he said.

Reese walked over and flipped one of Noah’s nuts with his finger. Noah winced and then cringed in pain and held his nuts. “Thank you, sir,” he said, “I needed that.”

“Nice response. You are learning quickly, Noah.”

“You don’t have much down there, Noah.”

“No sir, I don’t,” he offered.

“You need more testosterone in your system. We will help you guys out this year so you can grow big and strong like us.”

Noah responded, “I look forward to that, sir.”

“Hold your dick and stand at attention while Sean does your job tonight.” Noah was already holding his nuts, so he moved his hand to his somewhat small, hard dick. Sanford pulled down his trousers. Then he pulled off his underwear.

He yelled at Noah, “Pick those up,” Since Noah’s pants were at his ankles, he kind of hopped over and picked up his pants and shorts.

“Put the underwear on your head,” and Noah put Sanford’s underwear on his head.

“Pull them all the way down to your chin.” Noah pulled the underwear down to his chin so that he could see through one of the leg openings.
Sanford sat on the side of the bed and was naked from the waste down. His large hard dick sticking up between his legs. It was the biggest dick Noah had seen, and he had hair around his dick. The guys were four years older than Noah and Sean, so their dicks were more mature than Sean and Sanford’s dick.

Reese asked, “Noah, can you see through the underwear?”

“Yes, fairly good sir,” he said.

“Well, make sure you watch because tomorrow you will have to suck one of us.”

Sanford laid on his bed, and Noah watched through the underwear on his head. Sean got on his knees between Sanford’s legs. He slowly went put his lips on his dick, and then went half way down. That is as far as he could go. Up and down he continued. Sanford had his hands on each side of Sean’s head. After a couple of minutes, he laid back sideways on the bed with his head on a pillow. Sean stopped and used his hand to go up and down Sanford’s dick.

Reese was watching intently. “Continue,” instructed Reese, and Sean put Sanford’s dick back into his mouth and continued sucking him. This went on for several minutes until Sanford said, “OK, stop.” Sean pulled off Sanford’s dick and a few squirts of cum spewed all over his stomach while Sean kept pumping his dick. Noah had never seen cum and was startled.

Reese yelled at Noah, “Noah, pull your pants up, and get Sanford cleaned up.”

Sean instructed, “Get a wash rag and with warm water, quickly,” as he continued pumping Reese’s dick. Sanford had his eyes closed and his head on his pillow. Noah pulled the underwear off his head, and I went quickly to the sink in the room and ran the water until it was warm. He wet a washcloth and twisted it to ring out the water, and ran over and cleaned the cum off of Sanford stomach. Sean pumped one more time to get the very last drop out of Sanford’s dick. After Noah wiped the top of Sanford’s dick, Sean went down once more and then pulled off.

“Well, Noah is a fast learner,” Reese said as Sanford laid with his eyes closed after enjoying the warm wash rag on his stomach and dick.
Sean asked Sanford, “Will that be all, sir?”

“Yes,” he said, “and you may provide service to Reese now. Sanford was still lying on with his eyes closed.

“I will suck Reese,” Noah said to Sanford.

“No. Sean has to do it. You see, if one of you make a mistake the other will have to pay for it. You shouldn’t have been getting your dick sucked while you were cleaning our room, so now Sean will do your job tonight.”

“But sir,” I said.

“Hush!” cautioned Noah. Sanford pulled Noah’s trousers and underwear off and smacked him on his butt once again. Noah forgot to keep his mouth shut as he was offering to open it to suck Reese’s dick.
Reese was sitting on the edge of his bed completely naked, and Sean got on his knees between his legs.

Reese said, “I am ready.” Sean bent his head over and put Reese’s dick in his mouth and sucked up and down. After a while, he pulled off for a few seconds while pumping Reese’s dick up and down, licked his balls, and then continued sucking him. This went on for nearly 15 minutes. Sean sucked Reese a lot longer than he sucked Sanford. Noah was standing at attention and watching.

Suddenly, Reese said, “OK, get off.” Sean immediately pulled his head up, but continued pumping Reese’s dick vigorously. Reese shot gushers of cum all the way up to his shoulder and all over his stomach.
Without being told, Noah got the warm, wet wash cloth and cleaned the cum off Reese’s shoulder and stomach. Noah had to rinse the washcloth and clean him three times because there was so much cum.

“Very good Noah,” said Reese. “And Sean, you performed great tonight.”

Sean said, “Thank you sir. Will that be all?

“Sean, drop your pants and underwear,” instructed Reese.

Noah and Sean both thought that Sean was going to get whacked again.
“Noah, get on your knees and suck Sean. I want to see if you know what to do.” Noah did as instructed. Sean was standing, and Noah was on his knees in front of him. Tonight was the first time that Noah had been sucked and now it was the first time that he had experienced a dick in his mouth.

After only one minute, Reese said, “OK, stop. You can finish practicing in your room. You better be ready tomorrow right after dinner, and don’t be late.”

Noah said, “We will be here sir. I will be ready.” Noah pulled Sean’s underwear and pants up, and they went back to their dorm room.

Noah apologized, “Sean, I’m sorry for not knowing what to say and getting you spanked.”

Sean said, “Not to worry. It was just an initiation. Also, Reese wanted revenge after last year.”

Noah asked, “What happened last year?”

“Well, their helpers were gone for a weekend last year, and they pulled me in their room and made me suck both of them just like tonight. My mentor found out, He was a senior last year, and they were just juniors, so he made them suck him in front of me and my roommate. He also belted their bare bottoms. They thought I told on them, but another guy saw them and told. They blamed me though.”

Noah asked, “What happened to your other roommate?”

“He transferred to another school.”

Noah was looking forward to practicing with Sean and wondered if they really were going to carry out Reese’s mandate to finish up.

Sean asked Noah, “How did you like getting your dick sucked?”

“It was fine. I feel bad that you did all the sucking and got spanked so much.” he said.

Sean said, “Don’t worry. You will be doing your share and more starting tomorrow. In the mean time, you can start practicing on me.” Sean got undressed, and went to his bed.

“You can take your clothes off too.”

Noah was excited and pulled his pants and underwear off immediately. Then he took his shirt and T-shirt off. Noah went to Sean’s bed.

Sean said, “Lie down.”

Noah laid on his back with his head on the pillow. Sean got on top of him and rubbed his dick on Noah’s dick. Noah liked that. Sean sucked Noah’s nipples until Noah had to pull him off because it tickled too much. They continued rubbing their dicks together. Then Sean moved Noah. Sean laid his on his back with his head on the pillow.

Sean said to Noah, “It’s your turn.”

Without hesitation, Noah put Sean’s dick in his mouth. He went up and down on this dick. After a few minutes, Sean said, “That’s enough. Roll over.”

Noah rolled over, and Sean started sucking his dick. Noah was feeling a bit guilty since this was the third dick that Sean had to suck that night. Sean put his tongue around and around Noah’s dick. Then he lifted off and licked Noah’s balls for a little bit, and then went back to sucking and swirling his tongue all around his dick.

Suddenly, Noah got an immense feeling. It was an exhilaration of great numbness and ecstasy that he had never felt. He felt like he was floating and had a deep tingling sensation with a feeling unlike anything he had ever experienced. Noah got his first orgasm although he didn’t know the name for it at the time. His heart was pounding. Now he knew why they liked having their dicks sucked.

Wow, Sean! That was fantastic,” he confessed.

Sean asked, “Have you ever beat your meat?”

Noah said, “No. I heard about it, but I never tried. I didn’t know what to do.”

“Wow, so that was the first time you ever got that great feeling? asked Sean.

“Yes, I guess it was my first time.”

“Well, we don’t have to masturbate, but you can get the same feeling my using your hand with a little cream on it. Just move it up and down and you will get that feeling after awhile.”

Sean laid on his back and Noah put his mouth once again on Sean’s dick. He learned quickly. This time he swirled his tongue round and round and went up and down using the same technique that Sean used on him.

Noah’s jaws got tired, and he pumped Sean’s dick just like he Sean had done for the other guys. Then he continued sucking him. After a while, Sean said to stop because he got his exhilarating ecstasy too.
Afterward they talked about the feeling got. Sean told him that about the first time that he encounter sucking at dick.

Sean said, “My cousin, Barry, and his family visited one weekend. My cousin was nearly three years older than me. He started talking about showing our dicks. After we showed them, he kept asking me to suck his dick. Finally, I said I would if he would suck mine. So I sucked him. He squirted cum in my mouth. I spit it out. He got scared that I would tell, and wouldn’t suck my dick. I was so mad.”

Sean continued, “The next day after school, I went to my best friend’s house. He lived in the same neighborhood. We were the same age, and we were in the same class at school. I asked him to show his dick. Then I told him I would suck his dick if he sucked mine. His parents didn’t get home until after 6 p.m. each night. We sucked each other after school each day at his house.”

“A year later, another guy who was about three years older than us moved into the neighborhood. He was cool. We sucked each other’s dicks. He had a lot of cum, but told me to get off his dick so that it went on his basement floor. We all three ended up sucking dicks. Since he spurted cum, I made sure that I didn’t suck him if at all possible. I usually sucked my friend Jamie, Jamie sucked Michael, and Michael sucked me. Since we were usually at Jamie’s house, I made sure we had a wash cloth ready to catch his cum. I called it the cum rag.” Noah and Sean laughed.

“I did suck Michael, but if Jamie was around, he usually sucked him. I didn’t want that cum in my mouth.”

“Did you notice all the hair around Reese’s big dick?” asked Sean.

Noah said, “Not at first because I was looking through the underwear, but when I cleaned him up, I saw his hair.”

“Well, when you get a lot of hair, you start cumming a lot. Sanford’s dick is big, but he only has a little hair, so he doesn’t cum as much yet.

He explained what cum was since Noah had never seen it. Noah and Sean hadn’t matured enough to cum, so Sean didn’t have to worry about getting cum in his mouth. It was all new to Noah, but he liked it.

They studied and went to sleep. Noah couldn’t wait for the next night.

After they awakened, they hurried down the hall to the shower. If any older guys were in the shower, Sean said that they might flip their balls or give them tiddy twisters. Everyone older can take advantage of those that are younger except to make them suck their dicks. That was usually off limits and only their mentors could demand that.

Sean said, “Last year, I went to the shower one time by myself. An older guy held my arms behind my back while another guy flipped my nuts. It hurt so bad. Then he pushed his finger up my ass. Then he flipped my nuts again. So never go to the shower by yourself until you are a senior.”

A couple of other guys were already taking their showers, but they were in the same class. The showers were open. There were no stalls, so Noah could see them. Noah wondered if they sucked their mentor’s dicks as he looked at their naked bodies. One had a little hair around his dick. After drying off, they ran back to their rooms and got dressed.

At lunch, Noah sat down next to a couple other guys in the same class. They were nice to him. They talked, and one asked who his roommate was. When they heard that Sean was his roommate, one said that was good because Sean knew how to keep out of trouble. They said Sean would be an excellent roommate and whispered, “He gives great treatment doesn’t he?” I acted puzzled, and he continued, “Don’t worry, we do it too.” Noah smiled, and they smiled back.

“Everyone heard about Sanford and Reese making Sean suck their dicks last year, and how Sean’s mentor made them suck him and his roommate afterward. I think whoever assigns mentors, placed Sean with them this year on purpose.”

“But don’t talk about it outside of your dorm room.” Noah nodded that he understood. Noah was learning how to keep his thoughts to himself.
After all of the day’s activities, Noah and Sean got back to their dorm room at 5 p.m. and talked. Noah said that Reese and Sanford were great guys, but they had to act stern and that no one is supposed to talk about the special treatment. Just do it and say nothing. We ate dinner and went to our mentor’s room promptly at 6 p.m.

Noah knocked once and waited. After a minute, Reese answered the door.

“We have come to attend to your needs,” Noah stated in a formal voice.

“Sounds good. It looks like Sean has instructed you well,” said Reese.

Noah inquired, “May we clean your room now?”

“No. We will begin with the special treatment, and afterwards, you may clean our room,” said Reese. Sanford hadn’t talked and was sitting on his bed.

Sean asked, “How shall we begin, sir?”

“Noah will suck my dick,” said Reese, “And you will suck Sanford.”

Sean pulled Sanford’s pants and underwear down to his ankles, and Noah did the same for Reese. Next, each mentor sat on the edge of his bed and lifted their feet so that Sean and Noah could pull their pants and underwear off their feet.

Noah didn’t wait and immediately put Reese’s dick in his mouth. Reese said, “Whoa, whoa. Suck my balls first.” Noah sucked his balls until Reese lifted Noah’s head up to his dick. Then Reese laid back on his bed while Noah continued sucking him.

Noah knew how to move his tongue round and round the head of his dick while at the same time moving his head up and down. It was so large for his mouth that he couldn’t go very far down. His jaws got tired quickly. He left a little saliva on Reese’s dick and used his hand to pump his dick while he rested his jaws. Then he continued sucking.

Sean was doing the same for Sanford. It was quiet as to two mentors got their special treatment. Sean went up to Sanford’s nipples and sucked them briefly. Next he went down to his balls and licked them all while pumping his meat. Sanford had his eyes closed and after about ten minutes, he said quietly, “OK, get off.” Sean immediately got off and Sanford shot cum all over his stomach.

Noah continued sucking Reese’s dick and licking his balls when his jaws got tired. Noah watched Sean pump all of the cum out of Sanford’s dick, and then watched him get the wash cloth with warm water to clean him up. Noah was doing his best but was distracted while watching Sean with periphery vision, so Noah didn’t respond quickly when Reese said, “OK, get off.” Noah got a mouthful of cum.

Noah was so startled that he just froze. He let the cum seep out of his mouth and down Reese’s dick. Then he lifted his head up and continued pumping to get all of the cum out. He went to the sink and spit Reese’s cum out.

Sanford and Sean watched without saying anything. Noah rinsed his mouth and got a wash cloth and cleaned Reese up. No one said anything about the incident. After Reese was cleaned up, both he and Sanford put their pants back on.

“That was an excellent job that you guys did,” said Reese. “And Noah, you learned fast.”

“We shall clean your room now if you want to leave for a while, sir,” said Sean.

“Since you both did an excellent job, and this is Noah’s first time, we will let you off tonight.”

“Thank you sir,” said Sean.

Noah echoed, “Thank you sir.”

Sean and Noah left and went back to their dorm room.

Sean asked, “How’d you like that big dick?”

Noah said, “My jaws hurt, but I just licked his balls to rest my jaws, and then continued just like you did.”

Sean explained, “Well, you’ll get used to it, and they liked it or they would have spanked us a lot. They will spank us now and then, but I think they didn’t want to push it on the second night since they made their point yesterday.”

Noah asked, “How did you do it to two guys last night, and you hardly stopped to rest your mouth?”

“I practiced a lot last year,” he laughed. “And at home this summer, remember my next door neighbor Michael and I have sucked each other ever since he moved there and his dick is pretty large too. And I sucked dicks with Jamie a year before that.” That excited Noah to know that he was doing it at home too. Noah was glad to learn about sucking dicks.

Then Sean asked, “Do you want to study first or continue what we were doing?”

Noah said, “Let’s continue.” Noah was anxious to get the feeling again and his dick was hard and ready.

Sean said, “Let’s take a quick shower.” They got undressed and wrapped a towel around their wastes and went down the hall to the shower. They were alone in the shower. Sean peed and then got under the same shower with Noah. There were no stalls. Then he took his soapy hand and clasped it around Noah’s dick and gently moved it back and forth.

“That’s how you beat your meat when I’m not around,” instructed Sean laughing.

“That is so easy. I wished I had known years ago,” said Noah as he grasped Sean’s dick.

After they got back to their room, Sean showed Noah how to do sixty-nine, so they did that for a while. Then he rolled him over and got on top of him. While Sean laid on top of Noah, they rubbed their dicks together for a couple of minutes. Then Sean sucked Noah. He stopped to suck his nipples and lick his balls, and then continued swirling his tongue around his dick while moving up and down until

Noah got that immense feeling all over his body starting from the tips of his ears all the way to his feet. Then Noah sucked Sean. Noah repeated the same on Sean. He could take Sean’s entire dick in his mouth while swirling around and round with his tongue. He stopped to lick Sean’s balls and suck his tiddies. Soon, Sean got that flash of immense exhilaration all over his entire body. The guys talked and talked until they remembered their home work.

They slept naked that night and just about every night afterward. They were getting along well. It had been a great orientation, and Noah really liked the “special treatment” that he was getting, as well as giving, during my new boarding school experience. Please read the next part to find out what happened next. Please read, “The Vermont Boarding School: Part 2.”

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